State of Learning Report: Learning at Work in 2020

In light of the unprecedented events of 2020 so far, organizations are needing to upskill, reskill and support their people rapidly and remotely. Now more than ever, online professional education is essential to L&D success.

To help L&D leaders plan, during COVID-19 and beyond, we spoke to over 800 L&D professionals about the opportunities, challenges and priorities for learning in organizations in 2020. We also analyzed the behavior of over 1.5 million learners using Go1 around the world.

Get answers to the following critical questions:

  • How is learning behavior and engagement changing during COVID-19 and beyond?

  • What are the most popular topics engaging learners in 2020?

  • What are the most challenging topics for L&D teams to deliver online?

  • Why are companies still struggling to deliver effective online learning, despite increased demand from learners?

  • What are the key challenges limiting the impact of L&D in organizations?

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